Forsthofgut breakfast

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At Forsthofgut you stroll through a delicacies market in the morning to discover the best ingredients for your breakfast:
We prepare your favourite dishes fresh for you there in our small delicatessens.

Enjoy fresh bread in the bakery, grab fruit and vegetables to your liking in the juice bar and in the "Blattwerk" - our vegan market stall -
and taste juicy ham at the butcher's. In the coffee bar, a professional barista creates fresh coffee creations from beans from a wide range of countries.

We want to show you how a product is made, how it is processed and how it can be perceived with all the senses.
Tasting, feeling, seeing and flavouring. Every day we prepare breakfast and brunch especially for you in our delicacies market.
Products of selected quality are presented on 200 square metres in the form of a market.

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